The result is equal 0:0 in the fight of Atlantas and Stumbras

The result is equal 0:0 in the fight of Atlantas and Stumbras
Wednesday, 09 May 2018 07:24

Atlantas of Klaipėda was not able to disarm the gate-keeper of Kaunas Stumbras at least once in the central stadium of the seaport town when for the first time this season playing on the natural grass.
Guests were also not able to kick the ball accurately therefore the result was equal – 0:0. This was the 15th confrontation of the players from Klaipėda and Kaunas, the footballers of Stumbras have been never able to overcome the club of the seaport town.
The meeting began with instant attack of the hosts in the point of which there emerged Edvinas Baniulis. But the forward of Atlantas did not control the football and was not able to kick to the gate.
After this sally, the initiative was taken by the guests, but their play did not threaten the fortress of the players of Klaipėda. On top of that, after slipping, the full-back of Stumbras provided the possibility for Donatas Kazlauskas to run towards the gate alone. The halfback of the eleven of the seaport town made haste in free-kicking and Rodrigo Josviakis easily caught the football which was sent just above the ground. The players of Kaunas were more active in the second half of the match, they weaved attacks towards the gate of the players of Klaipėda one after another.
The hosts did not want to stay in the shadow. In the 59th minute, after the pass of Anilas Kočas to the penalty area, the football to the net of the guests’ gate could be directed by Abdoulaye Diallo, but the legionary from Senegal was not accurate.

The spectators, who were in the stadium, grasped their heads during the 88th minute. The ball, sent by Vice Kendešo by his head, was beaten off by the gate-keeper of Stumbras from the corner of the gate itself. And shortly after, A. Kočas kicked to the sky.

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