Atlantas will be sponsored by the American company 4Life

Atlantas will be sponsored by the American company 4Life
Wednesday, 09 May 2018 07:13

"It is a historic moment. Atlantas is the first team of game kind of sport which will be sponsored by us“, the vice-president of 4Life Research for Europe, Rafael Fernandez was glad after he signed the sponsorship agreement between the American company and Klaipėda football club. The vice-president for Europe and North Asia, R. Prestonas, who visited Lithuania for the first time, was glad that more and more athletes in the planet, especially Europe, use 4Life products."

After being asked why 4Life chose to sponsor the footballers of Klaipėda, R. Prestonas stated that
"What Atlantas does, corresponds to the policy of our company. One of the areas of sponsorship is the sportsmen“.

According to the American, 4Life production has been produced for more than 30 years. And the company is comprised of scientists and specialists not only in the United States of America, but also in the whole world.

"Precisely those products, which were selected by Atlantas, represent us. They help the sportsmen achieving the best results“ – emphasized the guest not hiding the pride in the team of the company’s scientists which creates perfect products.

"Previously, tap water was enough, now, no steps are made without the food supplements", smiled V. Lekevičius. The Americans, first of all, shall provide Atlantas with the food supplements for 6 thousand euros a month. It is a big sum. The club could not allocate such funds to food supplements.“

According to the representatives of Atlantas and 4Life, who took part in the signing of the agreement, the first interviews began a year ago, and concrete agreements were concluded two months ago.

"We began speaking common language quickly – we agreed in 20 minutes, joked R. Fernandez. – We signed the agreement for a year so far. It is honour for us to represent the company in Klaipėda“.

The Spanish emphasized that he impatiently waits for the match with Stumbras, to be able to get acquainted with the footballers, trainers and managers of Atlantas.

"Today is an unusual day for the club. I feel pleased that such a famous company is going to attribute to our results. As we know, it is impossible to have good results in sports without the supplements and regenerative measures.

It is a huge support in developing young footballers and in achieving good results. The support of 4Life is a really important step, and I hope that friendship will last for more than a year. Therefore Atlantas shall raise the highest objectives and shall be obliged to play as good as possible. If we have more sponsors, which we will announce in the nearest period of time, perhaps not this year, but the next year, we will fight for the first place in the Lithuanian championship. I promise it loudly“, V. Lekevičius surprised with unheard-of plans.

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