The long-awaited victory of "Atlantas" at the home stadium

The long-awaited victory of "Atlantas" at the home stadium
Wednesday, 02 May 2018 10:32

For the first time during the season of 2018 fans from Klaipėda were going home from "Atlantas" game with happy faces. Hard to believe – victory of port city team against the team of "Jonavos" 1:0 is the first on their home field in the Lithuanian championship of this year.

On Wednesday Algimantas Briaunys team were victorious after three losses and four games in a row that they failed to win.

Victorious goal was scored as soon as the game began, on the 2nd minute Anilas Kočas aimed well.

The first minute made the viewers tense, guests lifted two corner kicks one after another near "Atlantas" stronghold. But after repelling the attack of "Jonava", the hosts immediately counter-attacked, and after the pass of Edvinas Baniulis, A. Kočas kicked the ball into the net of players from Jonava.

After scoring the goal players from Klaipėda relinquished the initiative to the guests. Once again they lifted several corner kicks that were successfully defended by the port city team.

The second period started as if not the guests, but players from Klaipėda desperately needed to score a goal. The stronghold of "Jonava" and not of "Atlantas" was bombarded from various positions.

Players from Jonava were not dreaming as well, however neither they, nor soccer players from port city created any 100% chance during the entire period.

Just as it was expected, during the last minutes guests stormed the gates of players from Klaipėda, and the seaside team maintained disciplined defence and celebrated the victory.

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